The First First Baptist Church of Westeros
Tuesday, June 02, 2020
All kinds from all places welcome!


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Our founder, Pastor Tormund is rough around the edges, but his ability to speak to the common people from a place of mutual understanding makes him an asset to the first First Baptist Church of Westeros. A recent convert to Christianity, Pastor Tormund is passionate about spreading the word of Christ in all people, Free Folk and Westorosi alike. 
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Our Music Minister, Brother Podrick Payne, born with the voice of an angel and also a recent convert, has devoted himself to the development of our praise and worship team. 
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Lady Lyanna Mormont is the young Lady of Bear Island and the head of House Mormont of Bear Island and FBCW's first Children's ministry Director. She has some exciting things lined up for the littles! Ask her how to get your kiddos signed up for one of our upcoming day camps, over-night camps, and VBS this summer!
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Our Youth Director, Tyrion Lannister, knows better than anyone how awkward and stressful those formative teenage years can be. Tyrion has some great things planned for our youth this summer! Just a few of the things planned: Youth Camp at the Dothraki Sea, various missions trips throughout much of Westeros, and a trip specifically for our eldest youth,  who will be moving on from us soon, to Dorne.